Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Ream and run - back to ocean swimming at 8 months

An active and highly motivated athlete in his late 50s presented with a painful, stiff shoulder. We obtained these x-ray views.
His AP view showed loss of radiographic joint space and osteophytes

 His axillary "truth" view showed posterior decentering of the humeral head on a flattened glenoid.
 He had a ream and run procedure using a humeral head with 56 mm diameter of curvature and 21 mm thickness with 4 mm anterior eccentricity. The 12 mm humeral stem was fixed with impaction autograft.
Note the recentering of the humeral head on his postoperative "truth" view.

He recently sent this email: Just a short note to let you know all is well with my shoulder. I had a check up with my local doctor yesterday. It will be 8 months at the end of June. He said all is well and no need to come back. I have full motion and am ocean swimming again.

He was kind enough to also send this video of his swimming. Turn the sound up to hear the ocean waves.


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