Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Chondrolysis and pain pumps, the cases keep coming

I continue to receive emails from individuals around the country with the situation described below:

"I am a physical therapist in XXXX and have a patient (now 25 years old) who has a failed hemiarthroplasty. See had an initial decompression surgery at 16 then experienced bouts of instability. She then underwent stabilization surgery and did well from 2006 to 2008 then experienced gradual onset of shoulder pain. She returned to the surgeon who informed her she had glenohumeral chondrolysis secondary to a pain pump post surgically. She had a hemiarthroplasty in 2009 and her shoulder is a mess. She struggles daily with pain and basically inability to function at shoulder level. She's exhausted everybody in XXXXX and has had shoulder fusion offered as the only option. She traveled at her expense to see XXXX who also recommended fusion. Up to her first surgery she was a student at the University of XXXX, now she spends each day wondering how to endure the pain. She has been to numerous physiatrists and pain specialists who are unable to adequately control her pain. I see her struggle and googled "failed shoulder hemiarthroplasties" to se if anyone was addressing this. Please email me back if there is any information I can pass onto my patient. Thanks you for your consideration"


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