Thursday, December 5, 2013

More on the reverse total shoulder

Our primary post on the reverse total shoulder is here.

Shown below is the original Grammont design

Below is a series of additional links to posts on the reverse total shoulder.

An overview of the reverse total shoulder
Reverse total shoulder handout - patient information

Variation in rates of use

Use in young patients
Use in young patients
Use in obese patients
Use for rheumatoid arthritis
Use in proximal humeral bone loss
Use in failed humeral head replacement
Use in failed shoulder arthroplasty
Use in failed prior shoulder surgery
Use with superior glenoid wear

Technique for the bad arthritic triad
Results in patients with the bad arthritic triad
Technique in osteoporosis

Effect of design and quality of bone on fixation
Effect of materializing the center of rotation
Importance of knowing the design
Cementless design
Stemless design
Effect of design on center of rotation
Effect of arm lengthening

Effect on quality of life
Effect on scapular motion

Relation of screws to surrounding structures
Scapular spine fractures
Scapular spine fractures
Scapular spine and body fractures
Notching and 'inferior impingement'

Cost utility analysis

Consultation for those who live a distance away from Seattle.

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