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More information on the ream and run for shoulder arthritis

Our primary post on the ream and run is here.

Shown below is the proof of principle in an animal model (reamed glenoid on left and healed glenoid at 6 months on the right)
Below is a series of additional links to posts on the ream and run procedure.

An overview of the ream and run
Ream and run essentials
Ream and run essentials
Ream and run handout - patient information
Consideration of a 'one stop' consultation+surgery
A ream and run is not the same as a hemiarthroplasty
Ream and run for women with shoulder arthritis

Research foundation
Shaping the socket
Healing the reamed bone
Is wear an issue?

Surgical details
How is reaming done?

Manipulation and open release for stiffness

Creative rehabilitation after the ream and run
Ultimate rehab

Tracking recovery with the SST
Factors affecting outcome
Activities after surgery
Video of activities after ream and run
Axillary x-ray before and after
Initial clinical results
First day after surgery
Result at 2 months after surgery
Result at 14 weeks
Result at 5 months after surgery
Result at 5 months after surgery
Result at 6 months after surgery
Swimming at 7 months
Results - muscle ups and kettle bells at 8 months
For B2 glenoid - function at 9 months
At one year
Result at 1 year - Ream and run diary
Result at 15 months - back to active duty
Result at 2 years for B2 glenoid - importance of rehabilitation
Function at 2 years - patience and the pool
Results at 2 - 4 years
Result at 2.5 years
Result at 2.5 years - martial arts, weights, horsemanship
Result at 3 years - sailing solo
Results at 4 years - patients under 55 years of age
Result at 4 years - joint surface regeneration
Hockey after ream and run
Throwing batting practice five years later
For B2 glenoid - five year followup - hitting the body bag
Result at 6 years - karate 8th degree black belt
Eight years - importance of rehabilitation
For B2 glenoid
For B2 glenoid
For B2 glenoid
For B2 glenoid
For B2 glenoid
For B2 glenoid in a violist
For severe deformity
For severe deformity - early rehab and 'happy ball'
For B2 glenoid from capsulorrhapy arthropathy
For post-traumatic arthritis
Tough Mudder after ream and run
Various patient responses
Notes on report of 176 cases
Exercises and results
In comparison to a total shoulder
Big fish
Big fish

Ream and Run in JBJS Orthopaedic Highlights: Shoulder and Elbow

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