Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Failed resurfacing with mini glenoid component

We had the opportunity to see a patient whose glenohumeral arthritis

was treated in another state with a humeral head resurfacing with a mini glenoid component.

Eight months later, the shoulder was increasingly painful; x-rays showed evidence of loosening of the glenoid component.

Two months later the glenoid was removed by the original surgeon.

The shoulder continued to be stiff and painful. The patient presented to our service. After discussion of the alternatives and the possibility of low grade infection, we performed a revision with multiple tissue and explant cultures, all of which were fortunately negative.

Three months after the revision the patient reports that the discomfort has yet to completely resolve.
The patient's therapist reported
AAROM flexion 165* (able to consistently achieve)
AAROM abduction 160* (limited at times to 90*)
AAROM Internal Rotation in Abduction 40*
AAROM External Rotation in Abduction 60*

We'll keep you posted!


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