Monday, October 9, 2017

Total shoulder in a young active person

A 39 year old active man presented with a painfully stiff shoulder with capsulorrhapy arthropathy after a prior labral repair. Preoperatively he could perform only 1 of the 12 functions of the Simple Shoulder Test.

His axillary view showed posterior decentering.

He elected to proceed with a total shoulder. Four and a half years later he came back for a check on his opposite shoulder. For his right shoulder he indicated he could perform all 12 of the SST functions.

His x-rays at 4.5 years are shown below.

His x-rays show secure fixation of the impaction grafted humeral stem and of the pegged glenoid inserted with minimal cement.

Comment: While some young individuals elect a ream and run, many prefer to have a total shoulder. In performing a total shoulder - especially in young folks - we strive to maximize the amount of bone preserved on both the humeral and the glenoid sides in the event that subsequent surgery may be needed down the line.


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