Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Shoulder replacement for arthritis: rehabilitation: maintaining range of motion: the videos

Thanks to the kindness of some of our star patients, we can show you videos of the key exercises that we use after total shoulder replacement arthroplasty or the ream and run procedure for shoulder arthritis.

The first is continuous passive motionThis video shows one of our shoulder arthroplasty patients in the recovery room immediately after his procedure. The CPM machine gently moves his arm through a comfortable arc, even though he is still asleep. This is the first step for preventing unwanted scar tissue formation.

The next three videos show a man one week out from his right shoulder ream and run procedure doing the three basic range of motion exercises:

Note the slow and smooth motion of the hand gliding forward on the table as he leans forward.

Note the slow and smooth motion of the operated right shoulder as the left assists it. Note also the nice slow breathing.

Note the patient has his back to the door with the pulley securely fixed overhead. Note the slow and smooth upward motion of the operated right shoulder as it is assisted by the left pulling down.

Here are some tips about the art of stretching.


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