Saturday, April 14, 2012

Postoperative pain strongly correlated with preoperative pain

JSES recently published an article "Postoperative pain associated with orthopedic shoulder and elbow surgery: a prospective study". In this important prospective Level I study, the authors assessed (1) preoperative pain and (2) anticipated postoperative pain using standardized questionnaires before a variety of shoulder and elbow procedures and then correlated these measurements with the pain after surgery.
The pain experience by the patient at 3 days after surgery was highly correlated with the preoperative pain score (p .006) and the anticipated postoperative pain score (p<.001). 

In that pain is one of the important measures of surgical outcome, it is important to recognize that the amount of pain patients have going into the procedure and their anticipation of the amount of pain they will after afterwards can inform preoperative surgeon-patient discussions and allow for the customization of postoperative pain management strategies.


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