Sunday, November 1, 2015

Videos of some patients' function after the ream and run

Once again, we have regular readers who pointed out that we omitted some nice videos showing the function after a ream and run. With apologies, here is the updated post.

The ream and run procedure is of increasing interest to highly active patients wishing to avoid the potential risks of a plastic glenoid component. The procedure is also of interest to the next generation of shoulder surgeons. At the University of Washington we recently had the great pleasure of interviewing a group of outstanding candidates for our one year shoulder fellowship. They expressed interest in seeing some video regarding the ream and run procedure so we share some of them here.

the ream and run procedure

activities that some patients have been able to perform after the ream and run

hitting the bag after the ream and run

playing racquetball after the ream and run

rock climbing after the ream and run

throwing batting practice after the ream and run

cross fit after the ream and run

We also remind prospective ream and run patients and surgeons that this procedure is not for everyone and that the recovery of the biologic glenoid arthroplasty takes time as shown here.
As well as in this report.


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