Wednesday, January 29, 2020

B2 glenoid => total shoulder with standard glenoid

 A man in his mid 70's presented with a stiff painful shoulder. These x-rays were obtained a the time of office evaluation, showing osteoarthritis

and a B2 glenoid.

He elected a total shoulder arthroplasty with a standard glenoid component with impaction grafting of the humeral component. The arthroplasty was carried out without a specific attempt to change glenoid version.

He returned for routine followup at 2.5 years after surgery with full shoulder function and the x-rays below

His AP view shows bony integration into the central peg and no evidence of lucent lines around his glenoid component.

His axillary view showed centering of an anteriorly offset humeral component on a secure glenoid component placed in retroversion with some penetration of the cortex of the glenoid neck.

He allowed us to take a short movie of his shoulder function two and one half years after surgery.

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