Wednesday, December 15, 2021

The Ream and Run Procedure - shoulder joint replacement for active individuals

The ream and run is a consideration for selected patients with arthritis of the shoulder who wish to return to high levels of activity and avoid the risks and limitations of the plastic glenoid component used in conventional total shoulder arthroplasty.

For an overview of the ream and run, click on this link.

The ream and run technique is shown in this link and in this video.

Click on the links below for additional information.

Ream and run or conventional total shoulder?

The ream and run is not for every shoulder, every patient or every surgeon

Ream and run essentials

State of the art

Women and the ream and run

The ream and run rehabilitation program

Rehabilitation tips from some of the stars

Preventing and managing stiffness

The important subscapularis

Rehabilitation cautions

Examples of function after the ream and run

Longer term followup after the ream and run

The experience of eleven ream and run surgeons

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The ream and run technique is shown in this link.
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