Thursday, May 24, 2012

An overview of the surgical treatment of arthritis

An overview of our approaches to shoulder joint replacement for shoulder arthritis.

We have prepared some descriptions of the four major types of joint replacement that we perform.
The links to these procedures are provided here

Ream and Run,
Total shoulder,
Reverse total shoulder,
CTA arthroplasty

After any of these procedures, we recommend that patients follow these recommendations for the use of antibiotics to prevent infection.

For each patient and for each shoulder, the rehabilitation program must be specified by the surgeon based on the condition of the shoulder and the details of the procedure.
In many cases after the ream and run, total shoulder arthroplasty and the CTA arthroplasty, the rehabilitation program may include

Early range of motion, emphasizing care of the subscapularis reattachment.
A simple program to maintain 150 degrees of elevation. - some of which is illustrated in videos
After the subscapularis has had at least six weaks to heal, early strengthening is often commenced.

You can see how this program can be applied in this diary after a ream and run.

Note that the recovery after shoulder replacement is progressive, especially for the ream and run. Here are some data showing the recovery of a group of patients having this procedure.

Certain other exercises, such as the traction three, are often added a three months.

A six month video diary of recovery after a ream and run can be found here

A one year diary of recovery can be found here.


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