Thursday, December 12, 2013

More information on the total shoulder for shoulder arthritis

More on the total shoulder can be found in the posts below.

Other posts related to the subscapularis can be found below:

Eccentric and offset heads
Humeral head selection
Attempt to restore normal anatomy

Other posts related to the glenoid can be found below:
Evolution of design
Reaming hazards
Pegged vs keeled?
"Magic peg" glenoid
Glenoid component fixation
Glenoid version and stability
Evaluating and managing glenoid bone loss
Effect of glenoid deformity on glenoid component positioning
Bone graft for glenoid erosion
Vacuum assisted fixation
Wedge-shaped glenoid component
Pegged glenoid 

Other posts related to total shoulder outcome can be found below:

Other posts related to complications can be found below:

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